Otis Griffin, Fighting Through Pain

Professional Boxer and Winner of “Next Great Champ”, Otis Griffin

I knew the reputation of the Spinal Health Institute, somewhat as a folklore. I had injured my shoulder prior to my fight for the WBO world title.  I could not raise my right arm without a sharp pain shooting to my fingertips. That Monday, I was at the Spinal Health Institute, where miracles happen. That following Friday I was at Arco Arena. At the end of the second round, I heard the announcement over the PA, “and the new WBO Champion of the World, Otis  “Triple O.G.” Griffin. The Spinal Health Institute is in my corner. I have become faster in athletic movement and added longevity to a brutal career.  Over the years my fans have referred to me as”The Hand of God” because of my devoting right punch; but the Spinal Health is a real life instrument of God.